Safe Home Happy Mom: July 2010

Cake Lingerie Review and $88 Value Giveaway

Cake Lingerie is an international designer brand, specializing in the creation of sophisticated maternity and nursing lingerie. I personally love their collections because after spending hours reviewing their product line, I could see how their products have inspired pregnant and nursing mothers to feel confident and elegant. It makes you look simply fabulous.

I had the opportunity to review the Blueberry Robe. The Blueberry Robe, will showcase your fabulous curves during and after pregnancy.

I wish I knew about Cake Lingerie when I was pregnant, because all I could find then was uninspiring and unflattering big gowns that just drowned my pregnant body and took away all my beauty. Cake Lingerie proves that pregnancy can be beautiful, it can be sassy, it can be fun and it can be sexy. Whether you are pregnant, breastfeeding or just a regular mother, you deserve to feel beautiful and Cake Lingerie can help you showcase that inner beauty.

The Blueberry Robe I got was very comfortable, easy to wear, and made with superior fabric quality. This is the ultimate cover up at home, or hospitals before and after delivery. I plan on ordering the camisole and bottom next week. I am that excited! My next pregnancy, will be so different, seriously.

Here is the Camisole and Bottom I plan on ordering next week

Tempted to also order this bra and color match for the hubby.

Seriously eyeing this Nightie.

Cake Lingerie launched its global 'Real Mums, Real Fit' campaign in March 2010. The campaign captures the true beauty of Motherhood and how all women can feel sensual and gorgeous yet comfortable and supported in Cake Lingerie, whilst pregnant & breast-feeding. The campaign went in search for 'Real Mothers' wanting join Cake Lingerie and celebrate their newfound curves in a 'real' and empowering campaign. The essence of the campaign was simple 'real' women that were pregnant or nursing, no models, and no Photoshop to be used on the body. Tracey Montford, the founder of Cake Lingerie, encouraged women around the world to enter.

BUY IT - You can purchase any of their collection at the Cake Lingerie Online Collection. Their prices are real affordable.

WIN IT - Cake Lingerie is so generous! And will be offering one lucky winner the Strawberry Shortcake Bra and Brief (32B-38G, US Sizing), a $88 Value! The rules are very simple, so please follow them or your entry will be disqualified automatically. Again, *You must be a subscriber of Safe Home Happy Mom via Feedburner to win.

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*Disclosure - I recieved a Blueberry Torte Robe for the purpose of this giveaway. I did not receieve any monetary compensation. This giveaway ends August 9, 2010 at 11:59pm EST. Goodluck!

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Liquid Daily Sunblock Review

Naturally with the extremities of the weather as the years roll by, I have decided to go in 100% into the sunscreen application business. I mean, there is no excuse for skipping a day. While it makes sense to have your sunscreen already blended into your everyday body lotion, it just might not offer you the full coverage needed for a body mass as ours, or you just may not have the right amount of SPF for your body.

Before applying sunscreen, I try to find out if I will be able to wear my make -up with it, because, really what's the point? The Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Liquid Sunblock SPF 70 answered all of my questions. It has an SPF of 70, its much more thinner, hence rubs in and blend in quickly with your skin.

After about two weeks of trial now, I can tell you that I take it along with me anywhere I go. It is light weight, it smells really nice, comes in a bottle that twist twice to lock. It really is functional. I am yet to have any acne breakouts like I always experience with other sunscreen products. It is definitely worth it to try this product, if you haven't already.

If you would like to try this awesome sunscreen now, be sure to grab this $2 discount coupon provided by Neutrogena

Active ingredients are: Avobenzone 3%, Homosalate 10%, Octisalate 5%, Octocrylene 7.5%, Oxybenzone 5%

*I received a sample for the purpose of this review.

Are you breastfeeding (Momzelle Review and Giveaway)

Are you bothered about breastfeeding discreetly in front of other people, in public? Look no further than Momzelle! When I got pregnant with Cami, one of the issues that I kept debating in my mind was nursing. Until the very last minute, I had leaned towards the bottle for so many reasons. On top of the list was discreetly in public if the baby needs to be fed, at church, malls, etc. I was not ready for that kind of commitment. I decided to wear extra clothing, so that I can feed my child comfortably in my living room while my husband watched, I was too embarrassed to show my extra large stomach after delivery (I'm working on it). What no one told me what that Momzelle had nursing clothes that could easily afford me the opportunity to breastfeed my daughter anywhere without compromising my body. I ended up not breastfeeding exclusively because; I just could not breastfeed anywhere other than my home. Those little clothes you throw over them while breastfeeding never worked for me.

I wish I was half as smart as Christine Poirier, Designer and Co-founder of Momzelle. Few days after birthing, she created a nursing top for herself, that felt comfortable for her to breastfeed in public settings. You can also find valuable breastfeeding information on her website, be sure to visit the "I want to breastfeed, help me!" tab.

Cool points about the Momzelle Nursing Tops are:

  • You can breastfeed discretely anywhere you want
  • It has a good fit for any kind of body shape
  • Their tops are made of organic cotton
  • Its comfortable and goes great on jeans
  • You can easily accessorize with belts, necklace, etc.
  • Its a great baby shower gift (they will always remember)

BUY IT - You can purchase any of the Momzelle Tank Tops, Turtle Neck, and Tees at the Momzelle Shop. It is very affordable. Be sure to enter the code SAFEHOMEHAPPYMOM before check out to get a $5 shopping discount, courtesy of Momzelle!

WIN IT - If you will like to win a medium sized Momzelle Nursing V-neck Tee, a $45 Value, be sure to visit Momzelle and tell me why you think this nursing wear would be perfect for you. You must be an email subscriber of Safe Home Happy Mom to win.

Goodluck. Offer ends Aug 7, 2010 at 11:59pm EST. Open to US and Canada Residents. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this review.

Rhoost and Essentials Swimwear Winner

Rhoost Winner - Trina (couponsiwant)

Essential Swimwear Winner - Brenda (covertpeace)

Special thanks to MomSelect, Rhoost and Essential Swimwear for sponsoring this giveaway.

Green Cleaning Tips for a Healthier Home

Spring cleaning used to be all the rage for women in previous generations, but today's modern moms consider green cleaning to be much more important. Since researchers have discovered that many of the chemicals being used to make our homes sparkle are often detrimental to good health, families have been moving toward simpler, safer products which accomplish the same purpose without causing indoor air pollution.

Because children are especially vulnerable to the toxic fumes left behind when harsh chemicals have been used for cleaning, mothers are becoming more vigilant about the types of cleaning products they employ and are continuously searching for safe, green ways to make household chores easier. The following green cleaning tips use natural ingredients and will keep the home just as clean as more expensive chemical-based products:

In the Bathroom

  • Use acidic mixtures such as lemon juice or vinegar to remove mildew. Although it is necessary to wait a few minutes for these products to work, they are also effective at removing stains and any grease from bathroom surfaces.
  • Scrub surfaces with baking soda or kosher salt. For tough grime, a mixture of these two works well.
  • As a disinfectant, a mixture of about twenty drops of tea tree oil with some type of liquid soap works as a replacement for bleach which leaves behind caustic fumes.

In the Kitchen

  • Make a paste of water mixed with baking soda and rub away the stains in sinks, on cutting boards, and along counter tops. This mixture also works well for ovens, stove tops, and refrigerators.
  • Vinegar brings out the shine on many surfaces, especially stainless steel. Use it to wipe down appliances such as toasters and microwaves, and furniture such as metal-framed bar stools.
  • Make a disinfectant spray surface cleaner for all of the kitchen surfaces by combining sixteen ounces of water with twenty-five drops of tea tree oil, and four ounces of liquid soap. Place in a container with a spray nozzle and use to prevent the spread of bacteria.
  • For cleaning wooden items, such as kitchen bar stools, mayonnaise works wonders in removing stains when worked into the wood and left to sit for a few minutes, although it may take several applications to completely eliminate stains.

Other Areas of the Home

  • For unclogging drains, nothing works better than boiling water, baking soda, and vinegar. Dust the drain with four ounces of baking soda, followed by sixteen ounces of boiling water. Then, pour four ounces of vinegar into the problem drain. Wait at least an hour before flushing the drain with at least a gallon of boiling water.
  • Shine mirrors using vinegar and newspaper.
  • Keep silverware sparkling by rubbing the tarnish away with toothpaste.
  • Use four cups of hot water mixed with three ounces of white vinegar to clean hardwood flooring. Spray this mixture to dampen a towel and shine away until floors are clean and renewed.

Easy and effective ideas for green cleaning are available for those willing to make the effort to find them. Even small steps toward eliminating dependence on chemical cleaning solutions can pay big dividends for the health of the family.

This is a guest post by Helen Pearson.

The Environmentally Friendly Way to Recycle an Old Couch

Couches, couches everywhere and how the cushions grow; couches, couches everywhere, and nowhere for them to go! Have you ever thought about the environmental impact of redecorating your living area? As households around America tire of their current decor and dispose of furniture that has been ripped or torn, we add tons of refuge to the already overflowing landfills. Just think of the trees that have been wasted in the construction of the frame of each piece! Yet, there is a way to remedy this situation without sacrificing the joy of having something new and different.

Couches with their supportive structure still in good condition can be changed in an instant using beautiful slipcovers. Recycling an old couch using a slipcover is an excellent way to get a modern look without having to deal with a nagging conscience over environmental issues. Slipcovers come in a variety of fabrics and colors, from deep-hued solids to eye-catching stripes and patterns. Some are even created and marketed by the most famous designers in the field, and modern ones are made to fit snuggly, even at the corners.

Consider these reasons for choosing to use slipcovers rather than purchase an entirely new piece of furniture:

  • They cost a lot less than new furniture.
  • They can be removed for easy cleaning using eco-friendly laundry products.
  • They can save an item from taking up space in a landfill.
  • They save the raw materials that have been used in making the couch structure.

When recycling an old couch, it should be easy to find the perfect slipcover to get the desired effect. Slipcovers can be found in the following fabrics:

  • Cotton
  • Suede
  • Corduroy
  • Denim
  • Polyester
  • Canvas

Slipcovers can prolong the life of a couch for several years, providing a clean, germ-free surface for the family without causing damage to the environment. They are simple to put on, are designed to fit snuggly, and are much less expensive than a new sofa. Stretch slipcovers are available to fit traditional sofas, as well as modern ones, and some may even be custom made if needed. Most companies provide a sizing chart and are happy to guide the customer through the process of finding the appropriate fit.

Consumers who are thinking green and trying to teach their children to conserve resources by following their example should be delighted with the impact they can make through using slipcovers. This is a type of fashion recycling that needs to become the norm rather than the exception. The next time you have a need to replace an old couch because of rips and tears, pet stains, or worn spots, consider choosing slipcovers to save resources, money, and energy.

This is a guest post from Caroline Smith. You can get more ideas for using couch slipcovers to rescue old furniture by visiting her website

Lalabee Review

As you all know, I go in search of greener options products that are safe for mother and child and the family as a whole. One of such great product is Lalabee. Their product line if filled with all natural, zero hazardous products. The first thing I do when I get a product to review is check out their ratings in Cosmetic Database of which Lalabee had zero hazards, and was highly recommended.

I had the opportunity to try the Bubble Bath which was very gentle on my daughter's skin. The Bubble bath is recommended for children over the age of one, who can actually sit in a tub and enjoy the gentle massage of water combined with the organic sweet orange and essential oils in the bubble. According to Lalabee....

Lalabee Bathworks Organic Sweet Orange Bubble Bath is made with 100% certified organic and natural ingredients. Lightly scented with organic sweet orange and organic mandarin essential oils for a happy smelling bubble bath. These bubbles are made from natural products so swishing the water as the bath tub fills makes twice as many bubbles! Packaged in a BPA free HDPE plastic bottle with a flip top for easy pouring. A portion of this sale is donated to Heifer International Honeybees.

I love that their products are biodegradable, paraben and phthalates free, which is very dear to me. Lalabee Bathworks is a Canadian company that manufactures skincare products for Mommy and Baby using 100% certified organic and natural ingredients. They have a green rating on the Cosmetic Database like I mentioned earlier, their Nipple Cream being number one for least toxic! Lalabee Bathworks does not test on animals and are members of PETA. A portion of their proceeds are donated to Heifer International Honeybees.

BUY IT - You can buy any of the Lalabee collections online at Lalabee Bathworks

BabyProofing Summer Tips

Summertime is fun time, but when you have a little one around, safety is of utmost importance. While not allowing your toddler to meander unsupervised around a bonfire goes without saying, there are some summer hazards that you may not have thought of. Take a look:

  1. Chemicals - Summer is the season for garages and sheds to be packed full of fertilizers, plant food, pest control products, chlorine for swimming pools and more. Be sure to put each of these things up high and out of reach. Or better yet, keep them out of sight, since little eyes are curious eyes.
  2. Dirt, mulch and rocks - All of these items help make for a lovely landscaped yard, but they can also be hazardous. Mulch and dirt can get into and scratch little eyes, while rocks, pebbles and stones are serious choking hazards. Since keeping these materials out of reach is not always possible, keep a close eye on your small fry at all times.
  3. DUncovered sandboxes - While sandboxes can provide hours upon hours of fun, they are also quite attractive to someone else - namely, the cats in your neighborhood. Felines look at sandboxes as fabulously convenient outdoor litter boxes, so to keep animal urine and feces away from precious hands, use a tarp or wooden cover for your play sand.
  4. Kiddie pools - While guarding your little one from deep swimming pools is instinctive, it may be tempting to leave the water in your tyke's kiddie pool to use the next day. But did you know a child can drown in as little as a couple inches of water? For the safest route, empty out the pool after each use and turn it upside-down for storage. This will prevent rainwater from collecting inside as well.
  5. Water balloons - As fun as a good old-fashioned water balloon fight may be, the rubber fragments left over after a balloon bursts is a choking hazard to your baby. Your child may see the bright colors and decide to explore them with his mouth, which may lead to choking. Be sure to collect even the tiniest bits of balloon shrapnel to be safe.
  6. Backing up cars - A wandering toddler is a common sight in the summer. She's busy exploring her world, and that makes her very vulnerable to distracted adults. Taking your eyes off her just long enough to water a plant can put her in harm's way of a vehicle backing up. And while many vehicles are equipped with buzzers and rear video cameras, even the most sensitive alarms can miss a small child at times. The best prevention here is to be sure your baby is being held or is otherwise captive before anyone backs out of the garage or driveway.
  7. Hot cars - Speaking of cars, the rate at which a car heats up in the summer is unbelievably fast. Never, ever leave your child in a parked car, even if you think it'll only be for a brief moment. The potential to lock your keys in the car or take longer away from your car than you should is just too great.
  8. Sunburn and heat sickness - Babies have brand new skin and internal thermostats that aren't yet at peak performance. Therefore, it's your job to keep your baby cool and out of the sun. If there is no shade nearby, dress your baby in protective clothing, bring along a shade umbrella, and/or slather on sunscreen. Be sure your baby is well-hydrated by offering water, breastmilk or formula often. And finally, if the temperature is soaring, by all means, seek air conditioning and stay inside.

While having a baby or toddler to navigate the summer with can be challenging, using common sense and the tips above can keep your child from becoming a shocking news story. Enjoy the season, but do it smartly. You'll have many happy memories to show for your efforts.


Liberty Kontranowski is a freelance writer with hundreds of health, lifestyle, beauty and sex articles published online and in print. She is a regular contributor of quality articles to, a safe and secure online medications facilitator. Learn more on the Viamedic Company Profile

Diapers Etc, Saving the Planet One at a Time ( & Giveaway)

Diapers Etc is a company dedicated to organic diapers and clothing, and other baby accessories for your little one. I was impressed by their large catalog which includes Cloth Diapers, Diaper Covers, BPA Free Items, Organic Clothing, and other organic baby products. Having tried and tested their Swim Diapers, I confirmed it to be the most comfortable out there, as a matter of fact, my daughter wore stylish Tankini swim top on a jeans, its that fashionable.

The bottom is the most comfortable aspects of the swim wear. It features a snap button on one side which makes it easy to put on and take off. The inner is super soft and allows your child to move around comfortably in water, the outside fabric is made of swim suit fabric which makes this a must buy for any mother.

BUY IT - You can purchase any of the swim diapers at DiapersEtc, or any other organic products you might need for your little one

WIN IT - DiapersEtc is offering one of my readers a chance to win a set of Swim Diapers. In order to win, please visit DiapersEtc and tell me what other product you will love to win. You must be an email subscriber of Safe Home Happy Mom to win

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