Safe Home Happy Mom: June 2010

Essential Swimwear Review + Giveaway

I have a bittersweet relationship with the Summer season. The bad part is because it gets very hot and humid, but I can always count on getting into the pool to cool off, and refresh. Its the best time to go to the beach, have some barbecue, and spend time outdoors with the family.

Can you tell we've been having fun lately? Thanks to Essentials Swimwear for sending me a pair of swim suits. They have the most comfortable suits I have ever tried on. I chose the Jungle Safari Gathered Halter Top which is perfect for my motherly body, as it hides the once pregnant stomach I once possessed. It flattens my entire abdomen, and really thins out my shape, trust me I look bigger than that picture in reality. Its the perfect balance between modesty and some flattery. Their swimsuit tops are mostly for women, who love fitted, stylish and flattering swimsuits.

The price is very affordable and your order is processed within 1-2 days which keeps the wait very short. Every Tuesday, they offer 20% off one item. The item on sale for that Tuesday will be listed on Essential Swimwear blog at You can also receive amazing discounts and even free swimwear when you host a party. Check out the Host a Party page for more information.


You can order a swimsuit top or bottom on the Essential Swimwear page. They also have shipping rates available on their website.


Essential Swimwear has offered to give one of my readers a pair of swim suit. To win, you must sign up for Essential Swimwear's newsletter and leave a comment telling us you're on the email list. You must also be a sunscriber via email to Safe Home Happy Mom to win.

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*This giveaway ends on July 14 at 11:59pm EST. I received a sample for the purpose of this review.

Babyproof Your Summer: Rhoost Review and Giveaway

I have posted previously about Babyproofing your hotel and vacations this summer. You can tell, I am huge fan of child safety, and I believe it should always come first. This summer, the kids are home with us, active and moving at the pace of light. Their delicate bodies go underneath the dining table, go through the kitchen and climbs all staircases available in the house. This is the time to step up your babyproofing around the home.

MomSelect and Rhoost decided to send me an Edge to review. This came in handy as we just moved and I had lost my old edge. I was surprised to find out that the Rhoost Edge was not only functional but stylish. It added more beauty to my furniture and I was no longer concerned about my daughter's head hitting those sharp corners. With the Edge, you don't need to worry about using a screw or adhesives,it's also A-free, PVC-free,lead-free,phthalate-free,100% recyclable and simple to replace, if removed.

They also make Slings that protect cabinets from curious hands. I can tell you from experience that this is a necessity. My daughter once crawled into the cabinets and couldn't find her way out. It's one of the reason I started this blog. I was beyond terrified.

Rhoost is a company that olds safety as a priority. I share the same common goal with them, as Rhoost's aim is to provide parents with the products and knowledge they need to maintain a safe, fun and worry-free home.


You can purchase the Rhoost Edge of Slings at the Rhoost Shop. The Edge (4 piece) goes for $14.99 and the Slings only cost $9.99. Its an investment you will never regret.


Rhoost has offered to give one of my readers a set (4 pack) of Slings. All you have to do is visit Rhoost and tell me something I didn't mention in my post about thier mission or safety information. You must be an email subscriber to my blog to win.

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This giveaway was sponsored by MomSelect. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this review. I did receive a set of Edge for the purpose of this review. If you have any questions email me at This giveaway ends on July 12, 2010 at 11:59pm EST.

8 Ways to Keep Food Safe in Summertime

The Fourth of July is almost here, and we Americans love to get outdoors for our barbecues, picnics, parties and clambakes. We grab every opportunity to cook outside - but with those cookouts come food safety concerns.

High temperatures and outdoor food preparation sets the stage for uninvited guests - bacterial party crashers that can cause food-related sickness. Nobody wants their backyard barbecue to make friends and families sick. It's a shocking number, but the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that over 75 million people in the U. S. will suffer from a food-related illness in an average year.

Although bacteria found at the source are responsible for most of these cases, a sizeable number are also the result of unsafe food handling practices. Here are 8 tips, from the CDC and other experts on food safety, that should help keep the food you serve as safe as possible during warm weather and outdoor cooking.

  1. Wash your hands frequently. Experts say you should wash hands for at least 20 seconds, with warm water and soap. Make sure that any helpers at the party, especially little ones, do the same. A cookout offers a great opportunity to teach good food practices to the kids.
  2. If you are handling raw meat or fish, disposable gloves are a good idea. To be even safer, it is a good idea to have separate cutting boards for raw ingredients.
  3. Separate the different food groups. One of the most common ways that food-borne illness occurs is by what's known as "cross-contamination." This occurs when bacteria are transferred from one food to another. It can happen very easily if you are handling something like raw chicken, and then you immediately handle lettuce. Bacteria can be transferred from the chicken (which will be cooked to safe temperatures) to the lettuce, which won't be cooked to a safe level. Use separate cutting boards for different foods, and always wash any utensils that have touched raw food immediately. When food is cooked, don't serve it on a dish that held raw meat or fish.
  4. Continually clean your food preparation surfaces with hot, soapy water. This is especially important if the surfaces are sitting out in 90 degree heat.
  5. Get that grill ready before you begin! At the beginning of the season, clean it thoroughly with a grill brush both before you heat it up, and after it is hot, but before you cook on it. Cleaning the grill when it's hot helps remove any stuck on residue.
  6. Make sure you cook your food to a high enough temperature to kill any possible bacteria. Summertime cooking is more casual, and we don't always pay full attention with so much else going on around us. A meat thermometer is a must for summertime cooking, especially since many grills heat unevenly. Here is a helpful site that gives you safe cooking temperatures at which bacteria are destroyed.
  7. Never let food sit out in the hot sun. This may be the biggest single cause of summertime food illness. At most, food can be left out for about an hour without refrigeration. This may vary if it is really hot outside. Remember that foods prepared with mayonnaise, eggs, and so on are especially prone to bacterial growth in warm temperatures.
  8. If you are using a cooler, keep it full. A cooler keeps its cold temperature better when full. Pack plenty of ice, keep coolers as cold as possible. Top them up periodically if you can.
  9. These 8 simple tips may seem like just common sense, but they can help prevent an unpleasant illness striking you or your guests. Summer cooking is meant to be fun, and good food safety will help keep it that way!

Greensmart and EcoSkin Collection Winners

Greensmart LunchBag Winner - Intensev5.

EcoSkin Collection Tee Giveaway - FDP 4 Life

Please email at to claim your prize. Many Thanks to Greensmart and EcoSkin Collection for hosting this giveaway.

3 Vitamins That You And Your Kids Need

Staying healthy can be a challenge with our busy and active lives. With work, chores, and tons of school and extracurricular activities, some families barely find time for meals, let alone get the proper nutrition that our bodies need. So, which vitamins are absolutely essential for you and your kids? There are 13 essential vitamins that the human body needs. We'll break it down to three essential groups.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A forms and maintains bones, teeth, tissues, membranes, and skin. Growing bodies need this antioxidant vitamin for healthy growth and development.

Vitamin B Complex

There are six vitamins in this group. Vitamin B1, or Thiamine, converts carbohydrates into energy and maintains your heart, muscle tissue, digestive system, and nerve cells. Vitamin B2, or Riboflavin, produces energy and chemical processes needed for balanced mental and hormonal functioning. It also assists in healthy skin, eyes, and nerve cells.

Vitamin B3, or Niacin converts the food you eat into energy, aids with digestion, and maintains skin and brain functions. Vitamin B6 produces essential proteins and helps convert those proteins into energy. It helps produce red blood cells, maintains brain functioning, and metabolizes amino acids.

Vitamin B12 produces red blood cells, maintains the central nervous system, creates genetic material in your cells and amino acids (the basic elements for proteins) and assists in converting carbs into energy.

Folic Acid is also a part of the Vitamin B group. It assists in producing red blood cells, builds and maintains your DNA, regulates your blood sugar, lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and creates new cells. It is vital for pregnant women as it helps prevent birth defects.

Vitamin C

Just about everyone knows about Vitamin C. This antioxidant vitamin is necessary for strong teeth, bones, and skin, assists in healing wounds, is necessary for proper functioning of your immune system, helps the body absorb Iron, and synthesizes collagen, which is the structural element in tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, and bones.

As you can see, these vitamins are crucial for health and proper body functions. Finding vitamins that have all of these or taking supplemental vitamins or vitamin C crystals will help you and your kids. Just remember your ABCs to complement your daily activities.

Flirty Apron Winner

Commment #24 Cari is the winner of the Flirty Apron Giveaway. Many thanks to Flirty Aprons for sponsoring this giveaway.

Watersmans Applied Science + Father's Day Giveaway Winner!!!

Special Thanks to Watersman Applied Science for sponsoring this Father's Day Giveaway at Safe Home Happy Mom. The lucky winner is Comment #8 Terra H. at Heck of A Bunch. Please send your name and address to to claim your prize.

Happy Father's Day

Eco-Friendly Corn Tableware for Babies and Kids (+ Giveaway for 5 )

I had the opportunity to review Mother's Corn products. I was blown away by the superior quality of a plastic made from natural sources - corn starch When we received our Mother's Corn Plastics,

We could not wait to use it.

The corn plastic tableware of Mother's Corn is made from the PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) which is a biodegradable, thermoplastic, aliphatic polyester derived from renewable resources, such as corn starch. Kid's friendly and quality designed Mother's corn products draw the attention from young moms who are conscious about environmental issues. Mother's corn was born in S. Korea and is already popular in S. Korea, Japan, and China.

Mother's corn tableware products are safe for kids and environment. It is Non-Toxic, Anti-Bacterial, No Environmental Hormone and most of all it is Biodegradable.

Another notable fact is, unlike other corn plastic containers which are disposable, Mother's corn has excellent durability.

Here are some questions answered by Kevin Soh, President and CEO of BuyGreenware

  1. Are the environmental hormones found in the containers of Mother's Corn?

    No, since the plastic of Mother's Corn is made from the natural resource of corn starch, the environmental hormones, carcinogens, and heavy metals are not found in our products. It is totally safe when babies chew the container or when it contains hot foods.

  2. Can we eat the Mother's Corn since it is made from corn starch?

    No, although the main material of Mother's Corn is corn starch, you can not eat the Mother's Corn because it takes several processes to make the final products.

  3. Does Mother's Corn decompose when they are being used?

    No, It will not disappear while you use it. Mother's Corn begins decomposing after you buried in soil.

  4. Is Mother's Corn microwave and dishwasher safe?

    Tricky but we should say No, you can use a home microwave up to 3 minutes and a dishwasher for cleaning. However, we do not recommend using either microwave or dishwasher and it will shorten the life of Mother's corn. Good news is that all Mother's corn has self anti-bacterial treated; therefore it is not necessary to use either dishwasher or boiling water for cleaning. Hand washing is good enough.

I cannot stress how dear I hold this product to my heart. Because, finally an eco-friendly tableware that I can trust. Here are some of the amazing reasons why Mother's Corn product is Safe Momma approved:

  • Environmental Hormone Free: It is safe to use even with hot water and for a baby to suck
  • Self Antibacterial : You can just wash them out without the heat sterilization.
  • Using the Non-Toxic Ink for the printing.
  • CO2 FREE: Corn, natural ingredient does not generate CO2 at all during the production100% Biodegradable by microbes in the soil.*The speed of biodegradation varies according to the types and thickness of the tableware.
  • High Quality Products with an excellent durability.

BUY IT - BuyGreenware is offering a 20% discount to all of my readers from now till June 30, 2010. Use the discount code scc01 before checking out.

WIN IT - BuyGreenware is offering one of my five of my readers 2pcs sets (small plate + cup w/holder small,ch01 To win, you must visit BuyGreenware and tell me what you love about this eco-friendly company and what other product fascinates you. You must also be a subscriber to Safe Home Happy Mom via email to win.

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Alex and Ani - Eco Friendly Fashion ( + Giveaway)

Alex and Ani's collection consists of bangles, necklaces, earrings, rings, women and men accessories. They have a wide range of collection of responsibly produced beauty accessories that were produced with you and the environment in mind.

Here is Alex's and Ani's mission statements.

Alex and Ani's mission is to design products that adorn the body, enlighten the mind, and empower the spirit. Alex and Ani's collections reflect a design aesthetic that celebrates each wearer's unique essence. Owner and designer Carolyn Rafaelian believes it is her life's work to inspire her customers to relish what is unique and authentic about themselves. Alex and Ani's artistry lies in drawing out the beauty that resides within

What I love most about this company is that their products stands out. Their dedication to manufacture in the United States, recycle, and reuse shows that they truly are a sustainable company. And I love to keep them in running, which is why I have decided to keep buying all of my accessories from Alex and Ani. Their bracelet features an expandable concept that is unique to Alex and Ani, and even patented. Utilizing an innovative patented and completely original technology this concept replaces traditional clasps with a sliding mechanism, making each piece adjustable. This signature expandable feature is available in expandable wire bracelets and rings, expandable chain necklaces and endless hoop earrings. This completely original design allows everyone to have a piece of jewelry customized for a perfect fit. Available in precious metals or our signature Russian Gold and Russian Silver finishes and adorned with sacred symbols and stones, the expandable collection is timeless, classic, and collectible.

BUY THIS - You can purchase any of their collection at Alex and Ani, its real affordable especially with it being eco-friendly. I am so close to using the word "cheap"

WIN THIS - Alex and Ani has offered to give one of my readers the Alex and Ani Fleur de Lis bangle for the giveaway. To win, simply visit Alex and Ani, and tell me what is unique about their accessories, and come back to leave a comment. You must also be a subscriber of Safe Home Happy Mom to win.

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Watersmans Applied Science + Father's Day Giveaway

I live in the sun, and my husband who is currently at army boot camp, bursting his ass off to become an Army officer is definitely living in the sun. And not until lately did I realize that the amount of UV our body is exposed to, actually increases under water, which means, even as we swim this summer, we need to make sure that our skin is protected. Watermans: Applied Science offers the best, most effective and functional, high-performance sunscreens on the market, specifically designed with high-intensity water sports in mind. So, you know that when you use it, you are getting one of the best researched sunscreen in the market for you and your loved one. You will not have to deal with the consequences later, you can now enjoy the outdoors as much as you want this summer, knowing it will not have any negative impact on your life.

If your you or your man is into sports, then I suggest you get one of this. I am currently using mine and I love it. I wish I could send some to my amazing husband in boot camp, but, its not allowed. I sure will be less worried right now of burned skin or skin cancer.

Watermans product collections include a lip balm, face stick and the actual sunscreen. All of these come in SPF 18, 33 and 55 depending on how much time you plan on spending in the sun. I am so glad I found out about Waterman, its my favorite now.

BUY THIS - You can buy any of their lip balms, face sticks and sunscreen at Watermans Applied Science, they are very affordable.

WIN THIS - Waterman Apllied Science is also giving away one sunscreen SPF 33, Face Stick SPF 33 and a Lip Balm to one lucky winner for father's day. So, this means, time's up on Saturday June 19 for this giveaway. All you have to do is visit Watermans Applied Science and tell me what you like about them, come back and leave a comment. You must be a Safe Home Happy Mom subscriber via email to win. Goodluck.

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*This giveaway ends on June 19, 2010. In time to let your husband know how lucky he is!!! This giveaway is only open to readers in the United States. I received a sample of Watersman Applied Science sunscreen for the purpose of this review.

Discover Pure Luxury - Tilvee Giveaway

Tilvee is a company that is committed to green business practices, and uses ingredients that supports sustainable, organic and fair trade agriculture. Their products are free of petrochemicals, fragrances, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and nasty chemicals. Their collection include facial care, body care, lip care, body soaps, babies and kids using nourishing essential fatty acids, age-defying antioxidants, pure essential oils, and nutrient rich super fruits. "Tilvee discloses every ingredient in every formula. Cheap, toxic, even carcinogenic ingredients do not belong on your skin!" say's the Tilvee team.

I was fortunate to try the Argan and Sea Buckthorn Age-Defying Creme. I started using it four weeks ago, so that I have time to write this review. I can tell you that it works wonders. My face is much more smoother, and tighter. The good news is the organic aspect of it. I am very critical about trying facial products, but after reading the labels, and finding out that its truly toxic-free, I was eager to see if it actually works. The Creme is ultra rich & hydrating and can be used as a daily face creme or just as a night creme. Rich in Antioxidants it promotes supple, youthful looking skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I apply it over my face and neck twice daily for good results.

The truth behind the Argan Oil

This ecologically and economically important tree in Morocco is harvested only by the women and is known there as "Liquid Gold". The women of Morocco have been using the oil for centuries to revitalize their skin, hair and nails. Rich in Antioxidants and EFA's it is gentle enough for all skin types even oil skin. It nourishes the skin with nutrients that maintain healthy hydration and collagen production. It also revitalizes and improves skins elasticity.

BUY THIS - The Argan & Sea Buckthorn Age-Defying Creme is on sale for $29.99 on Tilvee. I think this is real affordable compared to chemical-ridden products in shelves today.

WIN THIS - Tilvee is offering all of my readers a 10% discount, just email me at and I will offer you a code. You can also win the Argan & Sea Buckthorn Age-Defying Creme here on Safe Home Happy Mom. To win this, visit Tilvee and tell me what other products you will love to win and why. You must also be an email subscriber of Safe Home Happy Mom to win

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This giveaway ends on June 28th, 2010. I received a sample creme for the purpose of this review. And its only open to readers in the United States!

Babyproofing Your Hotel Room

The first step to babyproofing your hotel room is to call your hotel and ask for babyproofing services. If these services are not available, then lets resort to our list below -:)

  • Remove anything that is within baby's reach that might be harmful
  • Make sure all electronics are properly stored away with their cords out of sight
  • Blue Duct Tapes - Use this to block all electric circuit, it comes off easily too
  • Make sure you have all keys handy, just in case, someone accidentally locks themselves in
  • Check the crib for safety. Make sure the legs are intact, and that the screws are not loose
  • Remember to close the bathroom door after yourself at all times, you don't want your child running hot water on him/herself.
  • Bathroom doors need to be babyproofed too just in case. I just throw a towel on top of the door, so it prevents finger chipping if my toddler tries closing the door
  • Place the trash can out of reach
  • Be sure to know where an easy exit is located, so you can easily make your way out in case of an emergency. I normally stay on the 5th floor and below, to avoid drama. You don't want to be on the 21st floor during a fire emergency.
  • Secure any loose cords with twist-ties and duct-tapes

Choosing a Child-Friendly Hotel

Its summer, and I am thinking of going on a vacation when my husband gets two weeks off from the Military in July. When traveling with kid(s), your hotel becomes your hub for changing clothes and diapers, taking naps, a mini-laundry room, changing of clothes and many more. And of course, it gets tiring because you somehow need to co-ordinate everyone to be on the same nap schedule. So here is what I suggest

  • Choose an hotel in a central location that is close to the park, restuarants and attractions, and transportation
  • Make sure the rooms are large enough to accommodate youe family
  • Make sure the rooms are adjoined, so you can easily float to your child(s) room
  • Make sure there is a living room, so that you can stay up without waking the child
  • Cribs - Be sure to ask if they have cribs for your baby/toddler that could fit in your room
  • Beds - Hopefully you can get a bed that is not too high, so your child will not roll over
  • A clean refrigerator is great for leftovers, snacks and drinks
  • Babysitting service - Just in case you need it, be sure to ask the hotel
  • Wirelesss Internet - Great for when you need to find directions to the nearest attractions
  • Room Service - For when you need breakfast, lunch or dinner
  • Pool - Especially after a hot day outside, it helps you and the family unwind
  • Kitchen - Make sure they have a kitchenette so you can make some of their favorite meals.
  • Laundry Room - Be sure there is a laundry room to get those dirty laundry all done

Have you experienced any hotel that you consider child-friendly?

She Essentials $60 Giveaway - Natural and organic skincare for youthful radiance

We all love to look good, but these days, looking good comes at a cost. You either get what works, but cheap, and in the end is a source of nasty toxins that diffuse into your skin, or you get something that cost a little more but is chemical free. She Essentials is such chemical free skincare line

According to Laura Kauffman and Beth Hooper -

"She Essential Beauty was founded by Laura Kauffmann and Beth Hooper, licensed acupuncturists and Chinese herbalists. Wanting more from a skincare line, Laura and Beth decided to create a brand centered around the concept of beauty from within, mirroring the holistic approach they offer in their Chinese medical practices.

The Chinese character She means luxury, a quality we embrace with each unique recipe. Our products are paraben free and made without synthetic ingredients, and our formulations harness the healing power of Chinese herbs while maintaining a luxurious smell and touch that triggers a sense of well-being."

I reviewed the nightime serum and facial serum; packed with beauty essences from China pearls, and certified organic, nutrients rich oil and silk amino acid, these facial serums are unrivaled when it comes to smooth, silky and bright skin. It is 100% organic and natural, so be rest assured of its product safety.

They also have products line that include face, body, bath, home and even gifts. All of their products have a healing benefit, that helps rejuvenate the skin, and renews the body and helps keep it in a state of balance. With ingredients such as the zhen zhu (margarita) which regenerates skin cells, heals wounds and acne, astringes the skin and tightens pores, I am so glad, I discovered this product, and i'm sure you are too. Their product line is just amazing, you will be as surprised as I am when you find out what they could do for your body, to bring out the youth in you!

Facial Serum: She Essential Beauty Facial Serum blends the highest grade mother-of-pearl with nutrient-rich oils and silk amino acids for ultimate skin rejuvenation and supple beauty.

Night Serum: A deeply nourishing blend of evening primrose, carrot root and rosehip oils, blended with the antioxidants from green tea, and the anti-inflammatory relief and skin healing power of frankincense, all packed into a rich emollient night time treatment.

Herbal Lip Balm: The healing powers of frankincense and myrrh are infused in the Herbal Lip Balm to create a powerful cure for chapped winter lips.

Lavender Toner: A gentle witch hazel-based flower water to tone, hydrate, and heal redness and inflammation.

Sugar Scrubs: A blend of natural sugars, organic oils and Chinese pearl create an invigorating and aromatic exfoliating treatment. Available in lavender-lemongrass, lemongrass-mint and grapefruit-gingko varieties.

Washing Grains: A blend of nourishing flowers & oatmeal combine with Chinese pearl and jasmine tea to clean and tighten pores while gently detoxifying the skin.

Body Serums: A synergistic blend of therapeutic essential oils and herbal extracts provide a powerful moisturizer for the whole body. Foot serums are also available.

Cuticle Butter: All-natural butters combined with organic essential oils and Chinese herbs create a powerful cure for dry damaged cuticles.

Body Butter: A nourishing blend of shea butter, matcha green tea and healing herbs deeply moisturize, protect and soothe rough, dry skin.

Herbal Bath Salts: A detoxifying blend of Chinese herbs combined with aromatic flowers and organic essential oils relax the body and spirit.

Calm Room and Body Spray: A blend of lemongrass, bergamot and lavender create a balanced fragrance that calms the mind, balances the spirit and leaves a fresh scent.

BUY THISM - You can purchase any of their face, bath, body, home and gift collection at She Essentials

WIN THIS - She Essential has offered to give one of my readers a facial serum worth $60. Don't let this pass, I have so many options for you to enter as much as possible. You must however visit She Essentials, and tell me some of the organic ingredients found in their products. You must also be an email subscriber to win.

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*This giveaway ends on June 26, 2010. I did not receive any monetary compensation, exceot some samples of facial serum.

Reusable, Natural, Lightweight Produce Bags = Ecobags (& Giveaway)

If you're tired of bringing home the thin plastic veggie bags, these are for you. The Eco Bags produce bags are made of a lightweight, natural cotton (not bleached or treated with anything) that barely weighs anything on the produce scale. If you've made the decisions to eat more healthfully and use your own reusable grocery totes, you've probably winced at the thought of carrying your beautiful produce in a flimsy, one-time use bag. Show your support for local farmers with these roomy, durable, reusable produce bags.

Three things I love about this bags:

  1. They are natural, light weight and not treated
  2. They promote longetivity of the produce
  3. It is reusable, so I don't have to use plastic at the local food store

EcoBags also sell a lot of natural products including tote bags, lunch bags and stainless steel water bottles. Check these out!

BUY THIS - You can purchase these Ecobags and their eco-friendly products at Ecobags, they are real affordable too, and a flat rate shipping of $4.99

WIN THIS - Ecobags have offered to give one of our readers 1 set of 3 Ecobags Produce Bags. To win, you must visit Ecobags and tell me what other products you love and why. Of course, you must be a subscriber via feedburner to our posts to win.

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Eco-Scents - Big Dipper Wax Works Giveaway

I love candles, I am addicted to it! Which is why, I chose to do this review about Big Dipper Wax Works Candles, when I found out it is all natural! You hear that? This candle is not made from the thousands of harmful chemicals out there in the market. Remember my post babies, and what goes on their skin. And how newborns were found to have 248 out of 400+ industrial chemicals. Some of the choices we make as parents, reflects on the health of our family. At least, I am rest assured that I will not choke from candles made from petroleum products (paraffins), and nasty toxins.

Here is a little background information on Beeswax, Big Dipper Wax Candles:

"Beeswax is 100% natural and a renewable resource that actually cleans the air by emitting purifying negative ions. Most candles are made with paraffin, a petroleum by-product, which is not natural and is unhealthy to burn. To prepare it for candle making, it is chemically bleached and hardened, then artificially scented. Burning paraffin emits harmful, black soot and pollutes the air.

Currently, there are no regulations in the U.S. on disclosing ingredients on candle labels. You may find candles labeled "beeswax" that are made with paraffin, or other candle waxes, and contain as little as 1% beeswax. We are very proud to say that we use 100% beeswax in all of our candles, with the exception of a select few that are a blend of 50% beeswax and 50% soy wax, and are noted as such".

Here are some of their lovely designed candles.

BUY IT - You can purchase any of their products directly on Big Dipper Wax Works, they are real cheap and affordable!

WIN IT - You can win the Beeswax candle, in harmony beehive glass here at Safe Home Happy Mom, courtesy of Big Dipper Wax. You must however visit their website and tell me what other type of candles they have. Of course, you must be a confirmed subscriber of Safe Home Happy Mom via feedburner email to win.

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How I Make My Home Greener

*This post is part of the Greener Together Moms linky on thursdays! Feel free to join in and leave your link below.

We all want to do our part to protect the environment, but without a large paycheck, that can be seem difficult, if not impossible. But doing your part doesn't have to be hard. Small steps add up to a big difference, you just have to know which ones to take.

Use less water.

Here are small steps I recommend to saving water

  • Shut off the water while you brush your teeth
  • Take showers that are a minute or two shorter
  • Only flush the toilet when you need to
  • Only run full loads of laundry and dishes
  • Buy from sustainable producers. These are farmers, ranchers, and other producers that use techniques that pollute less and use less water. You can do some research online or ask at your local organic market to find these products.

Use less energy.

  • If you don't have the money to buy a hybrid car or convert your house to solar power, you can make a big difference with small changes.
  • Buy energy efficient appliances. They may be more expensive, but make up for the increased cost in lower energy bills.
  • Unplug chargers when you're not using them. Cell phone and other chargers use up powers even if there's nothing attached to them.
  • Put devices with remotes, like T.V.s, VCRs, and stereos, on a power strip and turn it off when you're not using them. These devices use a lot of power to run the remote receiver even when the device is off.
  • Walk or ride your bike for short trips.
  • Buy local products. It takes energy to transport food and other products across the country. Buying local not only supports your local economy, it helps them use less energy.
  • When it comes to saving energy and water, it's a great idea to get the kids involved. You can even make it a game. Have them track how much water and electricity everyone is using. You can compete to see who uses the least water. You can often count on your kids to help keep you on track when given the task.


  • Most of us know the three R's: reduce, reuse, recycle, but when we work on conserving, we often leave reuse out of the picture. While you can often find tips on how to reuse common products from other people, what you need most is creativity. With a little thought there are many items around your home that can be reused - toilet paper holders can be used to sow seeds for the vegetable patch. And old yogurt containers can be cut into strip to make plant labels. Old food jars can be refilled with homemade foods or can make great impromptu vases.

Use environmentally friendly products. When you go to the grocery store, you probably see more and more "natural" or "eco friendly" products every time. There are generally two big problems with these products: 1. Just because they're more natural than regular products, doesn't mean they're entirely natural. 2, They're often expensive.

If you want inexpensive, natural, safe products, why not just make them yourself. Vinegar is a great way to clean and disinfect glass and other surfaces. Need to remove stubborn stains? Just add some baking soda to your vinegar cleaner. Some quick searching online will lead you to hundreds of other natural safe home-made cleaning products.

We all knowing that going green means better for the environment, but it's also better for you. Conserving resources also helps save you money, which is something most of us are happy to live with.

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The Bread Art Project ( & Food Network TV Melissa d'Arabian + Giveaway Winners)

I am an avid Food Network Star viewer! I watched the entire season and I saw Melissa win. Although, she wasn't my favorite in the beginning, but slowly she won so many hearts. And by the end of the season, I saw myself rooting for her. See, I was invited by Mom Bloggers Club founder Jennifer James to the Bread Art Project here in Atlanta, GA. Its safe to say, I am one for feeding the hungry and I really wanted to be part of a discussion that involved these children and families. You can learn more about the Bread Art Project, sponsored by The Grains Food Foundation via Share Our Strength (No Kids Hungry)

So I was stoked to meet her! Melissa D'Arabian host of Ten Dollar Dinners on FoodTV

And my hero Jennifer James, Founder of Mom Bloggers Club

Made some new friends too (they are also mom bloggers!!!)

My daughter had a swell time mingling with other kids...

And of course, lets not forget the bread art project

And of course food..

And some deliciousness!

I think I should stop there now. I see that your mouths are watering already...lets save the rest for later.

The winner of the BabyLegs Legwarmers - Comment #238 (Julie @, Comment #167 Christi Williams, and Comment #45 Donna (dwarrington1) - Let me know if you have a boy or a girl

The winner of the Boba Organic Baby Carrier - Comment #185 - Sarah(pungohgurl) - Let me know what design you want!

Please send me an email with your address and I will have your loot sent your way. Thanks for entering!

Eco-Chic Eco-Smart Eco-Sexy (&Giveaway)

We are kicking off our Eco Chic Essentials for Moms week with my favorite environmentally friendly designer store, EcoSkin Collections. EcoSkin is a privately-held California apparel comoany offering chic, contemporary designs for the eco-conscious but fashion-savvy woman.

When I chose the Pepperidge dress, my husband could not stop talking about imagining me in such a beautiful dress. I didn't mention to him yet that it was eco-friendly, pure and natural. Its very uncommon to find an apparel industry with so much support for a healthy environment. Defying the norm, and making responsible choices.

Can you tell if this is organic clothing? Please be honest!

I cannot begin to tell you the benefits of wearing organic clothing, especially if you plan on having a baby soon, or if you are currently breastfeeding. I understand that organic clothings might be a little on the expensive side, but not with Eco Skin. Sandy, who started this company in 2007, recognizes that a lot women wanted to go all natural but inexpensive as well. She also recognizes the need for a sexy and chic clothing as well.EcoSkin uses only environmentally sustainable luxury fabrics woven, dyed and sewn in the USA. I think it is safe to see say that she is my hero!

Needless to say when my dress arrived, my husband demanded that I wear it to church the next day! It was so beautiful yet chic at the same time. Although the organic clothing company is in its infancy, I will continue to strive for that day that we will all demand responsibly-produced, eco-friendly wears for us and our loved ones.

Here are some their latest designs....

BUY IT!!! - You can buy any of their stylish and eco-friendly collections on EcoSkin Collections. You really should check every now and then, because they sometimes have amazing deals. But even without the deals, its real affordable

WIN IT!!! - EcoSkin Collections has offered to give one of our readers a lovely EcoSkin Collections Tee in Laurel or Olive based on availability. To win, you must head over to EcoSkin Collections and tell me what other dress or tee you would like to win and why? You must be an email subscriber to win, so please confirm subscription.

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